Terms & Conditions

For all categories the tenant must present a credit / debit card accepted by the company to cover the amounts related to the guarantee and the payment of the rental cost (for unpaid reservations).

The driver must hold a license for at least one year. The driving license must be Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries)

For rentals in Greece, upon receipt of the car, a guarantee amount will be committed on the driver's credit / debit card, which will be returned as it is at the end of the rental, unless other charges arise. The release of the amount can take up to 14 days depending on the issuing bank of the card. The amount of the guarantee varies by car category. In more detail:
  • A, B, C: 250 €
  • D, F, E: 350 €

All fines and administrative penalties arising from the driver's fault

All car drivers authorized by the company are exempt from fire damage to the rental car, and are insured against third parties for death, personal injury and property damage.

burdens the tenant

Available only after booking and with a charge of € 3.0 per day.

he company reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car from that of the initial booking with a corresponding, or, larger category.

Free where the tenant wishes.

included in the price.

All prices and charges listed include 24% VAT
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